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Protecting Your Business From Regulators

Last updated on November 10, 2023

Federal and state regulatory agencies are eager to pounce on companies for marketing violations, regardless of their severity. The fines for a single violation range from $500 to $1,500. Multiplied by hundreds or even thousands of cases, the cost of regulation can threaten the future of your business.

We at the Marketing Law Group have defended hundreds of clients against regulatory actions large and small. Our telecommunication and marketing law firm, located in California, has a national and international reach. In addition to representing business entities, we represent individual shareholders, officers and business owners.

We can defend clients from regulatory actions involving:

  • The Federal Trade Commission
  • The Federal Communications Commission
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Other state and federal entities

You should not have to shoulder the burden of an alleged violation while also focusing on your day-to-day business operations. Let us handle your defense so you can focus on your company’s success.

Time Is Critical – Act Quickly

A proactive stance against a government investigation is almost always best. Do not make the mistake of assuming that a regulatory action will go away on its own or that it is not a big deal. The accumulated fees of a violation, combined with the expense of fighting such an action, can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Predatory law firms are also eager to pounce and file a frivolous lawsuit against violators. As soon as you suspect that you are under investigation, contact the Marketing Law Group in Carlsbad for representation. That said, we can also assist you at any stage of the investigation and regular action process.

Seek Our Defense From Regulatory Actions

The sooner you contact us, the better. We will immediately sit down with you to discuss the situation, conduct discovery and begin your defense strategy. To schedule a complimentary initial consultation, send us an email or call our toll-free number: 888-582-7894.