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The National Do Not Call Registry

According to the Federal Trade Commission, companies that conduct marketing by telephone in the United States “are required to download the numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry to ensure they do not call consumers who have registered their phone numbers.”

Fines and penalties for violating the DNC can be harsh. Fees also apply for accessing the DNC. The rate for 2020 was $65 for each area code, with a nationwide maximum of $17,765. These fees may seem high, but they are small compared to potential fines of up to $40,000 for a single violation. If your company or a marketing company subcontracted by your company has been accused of violating the DNC, you need the aggressive defense that Marketing Law Group in Carlsbad, California, can provide.

Addressing and Preventing DNC Violations

Our firm’s sole focus is on defending and advising clients nationwide both proactively and reactively. That is, we help our customers prevent DNC violation charges and defend them vigorously when they have been accused of such violations. We defend clients facing legal challenges, including the following:

To prevent legal problems for our clients, we advise them on how to comply with the rules and avoid violation charges, whether or not they have ever encountered DNC-related legal troubles.

Our clients include small “mom and pop” companies to large multinational corporations that reach out to existing and potential customers by phone, text message, and email. Call centers, lead generation businesses, lenders and insurance companies all benefit from our services.

Fight DNC Violations

Our sole legal focus is to protect and defend companies in the marketing and advertising space. Our clients come to us from throughout the United States and the world. Whatever size your company is, if you prospect for business by phone or contract this work out to other companies, you should get a legal review of your practices. Make sure that you stay ahead of the latest updates to the DNC with our help.

For assistance in any of these matters, call our attorneys in Carlsbad at 888-582-7894 or send an email inquiry through this website. We will respond promptly.